Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Final Day!!

Well, we are sitting in the airport...early for our flight! I figured I would take a second to jot down what we did today! We checked out of our wonderful hotel and headed up to Guggenheim Museum. Sarah and I are really NOT museum people! I think we lasted at the "G" for about 30 minutes!! We thought the Frank Lloyd Wright design was the best part. The majority of the museum is a giant spiraling cylinder. It is pretty cool!

After our short trip to the museum, we headed out in the VERY HOT weather to find a place to eat. We stumbled upon a nice restaurant called BurgerHeaven. We both had good patty melts and GREAT conversation. Following lunch we headed into the heat again and went to see a movie at this tiny Regal movie theater on the Upper East side. The movie was called "When Did You Last See Your Father?" It was a nice, quiet movie that we hadn't heard anything about. It starred Jim Broadbent and Collin Firth. We both really enjoyed it.

After our movie...we stumbled (on purpose) upon another Pinkberry! This time I tried the Green Tea frozen yogurt with fruity pebbles. It too was great. I think Sarah officially hates Pink Berry and is glad we are leaving New York so we don't have to have it anymore!! LOL!! Then it was back to the hotel to grab our luggage, a nice long trip to the airport, and then waiting for our plane to board!

OFF TO MINNESOTA!! 7 days in New York City and Sarah still might like me...it is amazing!!

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12 purple roses said...

are you a ninth grade teacher??? i tried going to all your other blogs but i couldn't get in cuz i wasn't invited!!! (hint hint) i'm a seventh grader. i go to west but i won't go to the freshmen center next year cuz of the stupid new high school!!!