Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!!

Howdy All!!

It is after midnight on this glorious day in New York! I am on a little bit of a high after a great day...more on that to come later!

After eating the glorious continental breakfast, Sarah and I headed up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! We didn't spend a ton of time there, but we did a good once over of the joint...Sarah and I get a little ADD in museums and have a hard time staying in them too long. Sarah got some nice pictures to use in her classroom!

We headed to Shula's Steak Restaurant for lunch (owned by the legendary football coach...Sarah told me to write that...I had no idea who he was!!) I had the incredible Mediterranean Prime Rib Sandwich and Sarah had a good burger! Then it was off to our first show. We have this thing where we always finish our meals earlier than expected and then we have to wait outside the shows before they open. In this fashion...we got to our first show of the day only 45 minutes early!!

Les Liasons Dangereuses was our only non-musical that we are seeing and it didn't disappoint. When Sarah and I were ordering the tickets a while back, we ordered the cheap box seats because we wanted to be close to the stage (mostly to see Laura Linney up close!) Well...let's just say our sight-lines were not the best! We missed anything that happened on the back third of the stage but I would say it was well worth it for how close we were to L.L.!! She was amazing! We heard that Ben Daniels, the male lead, had been out for much of the week but he must be feeling better. We didn't love everything about the show...but it definitely had its moments!

After the show we headed to Cooper's Tavern for dinner. We had really good food...I had my favorite seafood...SCALLOPS!! NUMMY!! Luckily, we had a little time after dinner to head back to the hotel, clean up, and got us in the right frame of mind to see our evening show!!

IN THE HEIGHTS was the best musical I have ever seen! There was something magical about it from start to finish. For those that don't know, it won the Tony Award last month for best musical and it did not disappoint! Part of what made the evening so special was getting to see the full original cast in the production. Lin Manuel Mirranda wrote the musical and also stars in it, and he is brilliant! The music is full of life and the dancing (a mix between hip hop, popping, and breaking) was so fun to watch. The story follows a Washington Heights neighborhood over a three day span. During those three days the community questions what makes home, HOME!! I am going to be honest and say I shed a tear or two! I was incredibly moved by the beauty of the production throughout!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Question - Is tomorrow the day you go to Triton Gallery? Just wondering. Happy you are having such a good time. Love, Barb

gradenineLAteacher said...

Yes Barb! We are going tomorrow (well I guess it is today!)