Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well...to my loyal readers (Barb, Becky, & Kristi), today is our last day in New York. We are packing up now. Our flight arrives in Minneapolis at 11:00 pm tonight!

Yesterday was a busy day! We slept in, which seemed to make the day fly by! Once we got moving we headed to Bangkok House for lunch. It had amazing Thai food that was so affordable! It is too bad we didn't find it until the second to last day! After lunch we really started getting away from the touristy Times Square locale and headed to Triton Gallery. This place has the Broadway Signs for almost every show in the last 30 or so years! We placed an order for Sarah's aunt Barb and I placed an order for the posters for shows that I have seen on tour over the years before I started buying the posters.

After the Triton Gallery, we went to do some last minute tourist shopping, Jamba Juice, and finally waited in line at the TKTS booth for tickets to Spring Awakening. Then it was off to the hotel room for a little relaxation.

We decided to go out with a bang for dinner and we went to a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. It was very similar to Fogo De Chao, for those who have been there. Basically, you get all of the meat that you could possibly eat from these guys who walk around with it. We totally saw a famous basketball player there...although neither Sarah or I have any clue who he was! But it cured our need to see someone famous!!!!!

The theater was a short walk from dinner and we soon settled into our cramped and warm seats in the Eugene O'Neal Theater. The show was a marvel!! I am going to be honest when I say that not EVERYONE would have loved the show. It was definitely edgy and very raw...but Sarah and I found it wonderful. The play that it is based on was written over 100 years ago, but it has not been performed due to its racy content. It was definitely unlike anything I have ever seen in its staging, scenery, and music. We fell in love with it.

We wanted to go out for a drink after the show, but we could not find the place we were looking for so we headed home and just relaxed.

Thanks for reading this blog, I think I will continue to use it to talk about shows and other things that I do.

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Kristi said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to update it daily.

A "loyal" reader,