Friday, July 4, 2008

I love BROADWAY!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!

After I last blogged yesterday, Sarah and I began our walk to the restaurant where we were going to eat. On the way, we just happened to stumble across Eddie Murphy...yeah that is right...a 20 foot Eddie Murphy no less. It is traveling around the US to promote his new movie.

While we were waiting for our table, I just want to mention that we had $10.50 Captain Diets!!!!! I guess it costs a lot more for Carmine's to get Captain then it does for Cy's in Chaska!! For dinner, we ate at the very popular Carmine's. Everything is served family style (similar to Buccas) and the food was incredible. We began with a baked artichoke that was everything we hoped and dreamed it would be...a huge artichoke, stuffed with garlic and bread crumbs, and smothered in butter. It was heaven. Then, with a little arm twisting, I was able to convince Sarah to order the Veal Shank. Sarah is sort of against the whole veal thing, but she enjoyed the taste! Then we had the best sundae in all of New York (at least that is what they claim!) It was incredible.

After dinner, it was off to the Lunt Fontainne for my first Broadway Show...The Little Mermaid! It was everything I hoped it would be! The level of talent is so much higher than anything I have ever seen before. It was really cool to see Sherie Renee Scott at Ursala...she was a scene stealer! Sarah and I were pretty impressed with the was definitely great over-the-top-Disney!

After we had a few drinks at the new bar that is actually in our hotel, we headed off to bed!

This morning, we slept in!! YAY! Sarah didn't wake up until after 10:00...which is unheard of for her! I was a little slower to wake up...but eventually we got going and headed to Rosie O'Grady's for lunch. We enjoyed sandwiches with sweet potato fries...our favorite. Then we wandered around Times Square some more. There is just so much to see! We checked out the new M&M store and then bought Sarah's favorite popcorn at Dale and Thomas. Something like White Chocolate - Peanut Butter! All I know is it was to die for! With popcorn in hand, we began a long walk up to Central Park. We headed past the Ed Sullivan theater and then we sat on a bench in central park and ate our popcorn while people watching!

As we were sitting there...we were approached by a very nice young man who wanted to take us on a bicycle taxi ride around the park and we agreed! Needless to say...the nice man took us about a half mile and his chain broke!! So we boarded another one driven by a crazy Russian boy and his friend rode along side us the entire trip trying to bump into us and then showing us how he could get his bike and the cart he was pulling to lean onto only one set of wheels! We had a few near death moments...but it was a very fun way to see Central Park! Below are some sights!

The Entrance!!

The Fountain from the Angels in America mini-series!

The fountain from the FRIENDS opening!

The rock formation from Borat! For those who saw the was when he was washing his underwear in central park!! Gotta love it!!

And of course the John Lennon Memorial in Strawberry Fields!

And after our lovely bike taxi ride we went to Lincoln Center and enjoyed the air conditioning and some Jamba Juice!! Sarah will hate that I put this picture in here but it pretty much express how I was feeling! Exhausted!

Once again, Sarah entrusted me with the job of navigating the subway and I led us astray again! We took the wrong train which meant MORE WALKING! But the plus side is we stumbled across the Nederlander Theater...home of RENT! It is a cool theater!

Now we are relaxing in the room before heading out again! We decided to opt out of the 4th of July festivities tonight and we went to the TKTS 1/2 price ticket booth and got tickets to Young Frankenstein! I am excited to see Megan Mullaley (Karen from Will and Grace!!)

That is all for now!

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