Monday, July 7, 2008

Grrr Hot!

Morning All!!

The Internet is finally working again at the I can post pictures again!! I added some to my last post too!!

Yesterday, Sarah and I took our time getting up in the morning before we headed out for the Famous Brunch at Norma's. We met my friend Eileen for breakfast there and they were able to combine out reservations! It is funny because it has been over a year since we have hung out, and we both live in Minnesota...that is vacation for ya! I had an amazing lobster and asparagus omelet. After brunch (feeling sad that we didn't see ANY famous people there) we headed down 6th avenue through the street fair. Sarah bought a dress and I bought a painting to hang in my new bedroom!! It was quite successful!
After returning our purchases to the room we went to a matinee of WICKED!! We had nice seats again and the show was very cool! Sarah and I know the music pretty well and she has seen it on tour in Minnesota...I had never seen it! I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle that it is...but I guess after In The Heights everything else fails in comparison!

After Wicked, Sarah and I headed to dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner! It is a cute diner in Times Square where the waitstaff sing Broadway show tunes throughout the meal! It was super fun! I could have stayed there for hours listening...but Sarah made me leave!! LOL!

Next, we headed on a long subway ride down to the World Trade Center site. The subways in New York are incredibly warm and by the time we got to Ground Zero, I was a puddle!! Then we get there and there is literally nothing to see. They have taken down all of the plaques and pictures so they could begin construction on the new tower. It was really too bad! It is still a solemn moment...but I sort of wanted to see some form of memorial or remembrance!

By the time we were done walking around the area, I had completely sweat through my shirt! Sarah is so good about trying to find cool things for us to do in the heat that she threw out the idea of going to a movie! It was delightful. We saw Hancock at the AMC in Times Square! The theater was huge and the movie was enjoyable. New Yorkers are definitely clappers during movies...they hoot and holla!!

When we were done with the movie, we went back the room and we played doctor for a bit...Sarah's ear lobe is infected and I cleaned it out for her!! Then we just relaxed with some Domino's Pizza wings. It was a perfect night!!

Today we are headed to the Triton Gallery for Broadway posters/frames and we are going to try to get some seats for Spring Awakening tonight!

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