Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sunset Cruise and NYC at night!

Good morning ALL!!
I was way too exhausted after Day One in New York to actually write a blog last this morning will have to do! It is hard to explain how fast paced everything is here, but I think I am starting to go with the flow.

Last night we took the Circle Line Sunset Cruise on the water. It traveled along the Hudson River and the East River. It was really an enjoyable time...I would recommend it to anyone. It took about two hours and we enjoyed every moment of it. We sat on the left side of the boat so we got the best view of Manhattan during the first half when the tour guide was talking the most. Then on the way back...when it was more relaxing...we had excellent views of Brooklyn and New Jersey.

We saw the spot where the Twin Towers stood from the water. If you look at the pictures below, one tower would have stood above the Winter Garden (Glass Atrium) and the other tower above that pyramid looking thing (in the gap.)

I caught my first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty on the boat. As most of you know, I do not scream patriotic, in fact there are times that I scream un-patriotic; however I thought it was extremely beautiful. It almost made me tear up...ok, not really...but still a cool moment. I especially loved when the sun began to set.

After the cruise we took our first bus and ended up at at John's Pizzeria for dinner. WOW it was great. The restraunt is built into an old church and still has stained glass windows and a choir loft. After dinner we tried to walk it off a bit by strolling around Times Square but then it was off to bed.

Today promises to be busy and I think Sarah is ready for me to be done blogging and get my butt in gear for the more later!!

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