Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally Here!!

Well, the day has finally come! Sarah and I have landed in New York and are just relaxing in the room for a brief bit before we head out for a sunset cruise on the harbor. We have only been in New York for about 7 hours and I am already overwhelmed.

Our trip started out with a pleasant treat, we upgraded our seats to first class and received the royal treatment. The flight was interesting; I am not sure when they started allowing toddlers in first class, nor am I usually snobby about things like that, but we really lucked out when a pair of crying toddlers serenaded us from about Wisconsin to Pennsylvania.

Then came the taxi ride from JFK airport to the hotel. It is quite warm here and our taxi was sweltering...and long!! The driver did not seem to understand that you can gradually speed up, you don't have to go from zero to 6o and then back to zero all within the span of a block.

But enough complaining...because really, I am in New York. We spent the afternoon wondering around Times Square. We ate a deli named Roxi's and then headed to MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art.) MOMA was interesting; it was nice to see some classic Modern Art like Warhol, Pollock, Matisse, and Van Gogh. Of course, some of the art left me wondering what the f***!! If you ever visit, I recommend passing on the free audio/handset tour as it is incredibly boring. Other than that, the museum has some cool moments (see the pictures below!)

All I can say so far is thank god that our room is air conditioned and that is was ready for us at noon rather than the normal 3:00 check in. Also, thanks to Shawniverse's niece for her wonderful trail mix recipe (honey nut cheerios, whole grain Cheerios, dried apples and bananas, and mixed nuts) it has already saved us from starvation!!

Well, that is all for now!!

Time's Square
Sarah and a fountain
Van Gogh
Water Lilies
Just to prove we were actually there!!
Sarah and Stripes
Stripes and I
A Chair (this would be a "what the f*** moment)
MY first entry into MOMA...I Call it NYC Subway!


Scott said...

Hey Trav!!

As I sit here on the Homer Spit in Alaska reading your blog on my iPhone, I find myself feeling a smidge jealous of the fact that you are in NYC. I love that place. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Scotty G

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!! I wrote yesterday but I don't think it went through. Just wanted to tell you again! that I am soooooo totally jealous!!?!?! I was able to change the Ordway tickets to Sun Aug 10 at 2PM. Have more fun! Love, Barb